The Wacky and Wonderful Library (WW Library) is an online gallery and literary hub featuring YOUR inspiration and humor.

Here we celebrate the strength, resilience, comedy, and creativity that come along with living life, especially for those who struggle against adversity.  Whether you live with bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, substance abuse, grief, or the aftermath of divorce — or pursue wellness in any fashion — this site belongs to you.  We seek all things charming, creative, cheerful, and chuckle-worthy.  The goal is to show the world that mental, physical, and social challenges can coincide with amazing.


The WW Library is about loving life despite its struggles. 

The world isn’t perfect.  There’s a lot of heartache.  But you don’t have to look far to see the world is astounding too: sunsets, puppy-dog tails, and melt-in-your-mouth food, right?  What about Monty Python, the Far Side, Brave Heart, and Star Wars?  How about that old woman who wears leather and rides a motorcycle (safely)?  What about cuddling? What about love? That’s what the WW Library is about.  We’ve got it all.

Okay, we might not have all of that, but we’ve got what counts.  We have Wacky and Wonderful.  Think inspiring and humored.  Think art, essays, short stories, novel excerpts, poetry, comics, and photography. Whether your medium is existential thought-casting or ink on paper, if it helps someone remember that life is worth living (or chuckle a little), you’re in the right place.  Please join us in our campaign.  See the Submission page.


This website was started by Dr. Kim Rosenthal, a psychiatrist who likes to hit people over the head with optimism and a bad sense of humor.  (The link takes you to her website). She practices medicine in North Carolina.*



You still here?  We must be doing something right.  Now go forth and explore!  Make sure to sign up too. 

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Although this website isn’t about self-promotion, not really, we gotta say it out loud: Dr. Rosenthal’s upcoming book, the Wacky and Wonderful Recovery Workbook will be available in 2020 or 2021, if the gods allow.  Thanks