Doctors Manipulate Genetic Code to Cure All Mental Disease

Monique Munoz - artworkThe last child with mental illness was born in 2068.  Since then all of humanity has been nicely fixed with Genetic Concordance Therapy – the obligatory removal of any/all of the 28,452 potential gene mutations linked to psychiatric instability.

Outcome: no depression, no mania, no crazies.  Ideal world.  The treatment of mental disease is no longer a drain on the international budget, and the money is used on other more important endeavors.   Society is logical and efficient. People are pleased with life.

Year 3068: the world hasn’t changed much.  The status quo is grand: no delusions of grandeur, no need to change things.  Adaption is key.  Of course mankind’s offspring are now lacking in all great abilities linked to these 28,452 genes, but there is no misery.  Nor are there poets, artists, inventors, theatricals or world travelers.

Until a single man inherits one of the 28,452 genes that somehow “slipped” through the system.  Oh glory, oh mood!  Is he destined to a life of misery, or will he save mankind’s soul?

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