You’ve reached the Humor Page, and we’re not funny.  That said, here’s a list of bizarre, inappropriate, inane, and random articles for the reading.  A few cartoons too. If you’re interested in submitting something that’s really funny, see our submission page. 

This can't end well: "Pandora's Carry-on" - New Yorker Cartoon Premium Giclee Print by Robert Leighton at

Short stories:

old lady, kid, and chicks

Wacky and Wonderful Library: Alzheimer’s

Grandma carried him around in her bra, between her breasts, keeping him warm and happy during the day. She had Alzheimer’s and often forgot he was there — “My GOD, who put this little bastard in my bra!” — then she’d eye the critter and grow soft… Read More …

More featured articles: ostrich with head in sand

This website doesn’t come with ostriches.

The authors regret to inform their readers that this website doesn’t come with ostriches.  No music, drum lessons, trips to Russia, or cruises around the world either. Read More …

Articles coming soon:

  • 1034.3 types of humor and a few jokes
  • More jokes
  • The meaning of life (the real thing, not Monty Python)
  • Meaning of Life (Monty Python this time)
  • One more joke
  • An absurd & deeply enjoyable quiz
Anderson "person whisperer" cartoon