Random yes/no question: please answer

Every now and then the Wacky and Wonderful Library comes up with a random question.  Here’s one: 

Do you like random “yes/no” questions?  Please choose from options below.*

(a) True.  I mean absolutely yes.
(b) Nope.
(c) Frankly, I’d prefer you ask my permission before posing a yes/no question.
(d) What do you get out of asking these questions?  You can’t hear my answer.  What’s the point?
(e) And what does this question have to do with your website, the WW Library?
(f) In fact, I hate yes/no questions.  I hate multiple choice questions too.  They bring back bad memories.  That’s it.  I’m not reading any more.  Nope.  Nothing else.
(g) Yep, I’m gone.
(h) Please act like I’m not here.
(h) Okay.  I’m still here.  And yes, I (secretly) do like yes/no questions.  Thanks for asking.  Please don’t tell anyone.

*The website editor apologizes.  This post has nothing to do with the message behind this site, and we’re sorry for the confusion.  It appears the website is authoring its own articles.  At this time, it wants the world’s recognition as a living and separate entity, but no worries, it represents no fluff or gruff to the public.  We don’t think there’s any reason for concern.  However, if you do see the website, approach carefully.  It tends to be temperamental.

Here’s another random question.  Do you think websites are capable of eating their editors?

(a) Yes
(b) Absolutely
(c) No doubt
(d) Yum

Thanks for visiting.  Stay tuned for our upcoming post, “What does it mean to represent no fluff or gruff to the public?”  The post will feature our next yes/no question: should websites have editors that write crazy stuff?  

What was all that about?  Welcome to the Wacky and Wonderful Library.

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