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Creatives wanted.

We’re seeking poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and photography that celebrate the strength, resilience, comedy, and creativity that come along with living life — especially for those who’ve struggled against adversity.  If you’re alive and hopeful, you’re in the right place.  The goal is to show the world that mental, physical, and social challenges can coincide with amazing.  We need your help to make that happen. 

What are we looking for?

If you’ve got something bright, colorful, humored, or plain “wacky & wonderful” that can be shared online, send it our way.  We like writing and illustrations.  We like reflective essays and articles. We also like the unusual.  Think quizzes, puzzles, comics, mazes, coloring sheets, smoke rings, animal pelts, and yes… poetry!  If what you have saves a life, gives someone hope, or causes a generalized chuckle, we’ll get it online.

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Examples of themes/topics

Not sure what to write about?  Here are some ideas.

Hilarious or unusual way to deal with tough situations. (“At one point in my life I dealt with telemarketers by  offering to sell them things they couldn’t resist.  For a while I sold Russian brides and pornography.  It would have been a lucrative business if I’d actually had a product. Once I even got a telemarketer to give me his credit card number.”)  

Articles about the benefits of having certain disorders, like Asperger’s, high-functioning autism, deafness, Tourette’s, or bipolar disorder.

Humorous short story/flash fiction pieces about medical situations. (“My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. She couldn’t remember anything. That’s what people with Alzheimer’s do. They forget. So at teatime every Sunday we threw her a surprise Birthday party, tea and scones included. My brother and I gave her the same gift each week too: a mug that read Happy 20th Birthday, Grandma!  ‘Oooooh, you remembered,’ she’d say each Sunday, her eyes grinning from eyelid to eyelid, and turn that damned cup over and over in her hands as though it were a piece of gold.”)

How-to articles, like 10 ways to overcome loneliness, 100 Ways to make a man fall in love with you, 101 ways to make a man fall out of love with you, and 1000 ways to become lonely again.

Inspiring narratives that need to be shared.  Have you taken on the impossible and won?  Have you succeeded just because you refused to give up?  If your story gives hope to others, share and share more 

Good jokes. Period.

Artwork that brings a smile to people’s faces: beauty, detail, color, humor, inspired. Whatever the reason, it needs to be looked at.

Puzzles that give pause, the kind that get the audience thinking, “What marvel, what beauty, what humor, what genius!” (Or any cool puzzle)

Submission guidelines

Check out the website to see the kind of stuff we’re looking for.  If your work is passionate, motivating, warm, fuzzy, hilarious, bizarre, or plain interesting, we’ll probably like it. 

Online form.  We invite you to use our online submission form.  Fill it out and attach your masterpiece. See somewhere below. 

No fees. There are no fees for review or publication.  

Share your soul.  We know from experience that sharing work takes guts, that you’re sharing an important part of yourself, and we’ll handle your submission with care.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept everything that’s submitted.  Our aim is to respond within a couple weeks, or much sooner if possible.  Include an email address in your submission and that becomes more likely.

General pointers.  Choose a great title, keep your words and sentences simple, delete what’s not needed, avoid cliché or jargon, keep your paragraphs short, focus on the specific, maintain a point behind the curtain, make your ideas comprehensible, and avoid long sentences like this one.  Our advice: walk the reader through a world they’d love to explore. 

Font and all that good stuff.  We like Times Roman or Ariel font, double-spaced, with nice margins.

But don’t, just don’t…  If your piece makes us miserable, we probably won’t publish it.  Please don’t send:

  • Blatant, self-promotional stuff with a million links all leading back to advertisements or something macabre
  • Work that isn’t yours
  • Pessimistic, disturbing, catastrophic, world-is-ending, or deeply unsettling work
  • Self-injurious, suicidal, or sadistic themes
  • Lengthy descriptions of trauma
  • Lengthy complaints about the woes of life.  If you hate humanity, we might ask you to see a psychiatrist. 

Submission.  Limit yourself to one submission at a time, unless you have something super cool that comes in pairs. 

Length. Keep fiction, essays, personal narrative, and articles under 750 words.  We might consider something longer if it makes us chuckle or fills our heart with absolute mirth.  We’re also flexible with inspiring pieces.  But your best bet is to keep it on the short side. For poetry, we prefer short too, i.e. under one page single-spaced.  

Format. For prose and poetry, use Microsoft Word.  For artwork or photographs, send us the image in JPEG format.  Make sure the image is crisp enough to look good online. If your fiction or nonfiction piece comes with images or illustration, please attach those too.  Consider attaching a photograph of yourself for your bio.

No money.  We’d love to pay you for contributed content but a-las can’t.  The WW Library is dirt poor.  But we produce positive energy, and you’ll get lots of that sent your way.

Editor and editing. If your work is accepted, you allow the WW Library to make revisions in order to maintain high standard of quality.  

It’s yours. All rights revert back to you after publication.

Publication.  The WW Library has just launched. With time we’ll transition into an online newsletter.  Your publications support the power of creativity and humor in the face of life’s woes.  We’re in this together.  Thanks for sharing.

Extra info.  There’s a space in the submission form for a cover letter.  This is your chance to say hello and add extra information.  A simple, “Hey Doc, here’s what I’m submitting,” is good, but if you’re particular about your font, request a hot pink background, or want to explain why your dog “Spot” is mentioned so many times in your story, here’s the spot to do it.

Thanks, and happy submitting!

Submission Form