This website doesn’t come with ostriches.

The authors regret to inform their readers that this website doesn’t come with ostriches.  No music, drum lessons, trips to Russia, or cruises around the world either.

Let us explain.  In the beginning, we’d hoped to share the Wacky and Wonderful Library website with anyone who’d visit it, and even those who wouldn’t.  We wanted to make a difference.  We wanted to free the world of its woes.

And boy we had plans.  The website would come with a vivid and “stagey” soundtrack, something like Yat – Kha’s “Karangailyg Kara Khovaa.”   To further our goals, we decided to include 10 baby ostriches, free drum lessons, and a trip to Russia to meet Yat-Kha personally.  The plans evolved.  Our music library grew.  Soon it included 31 songs, ranging from Mozart and Marilyn Manson to Stromae, Tiesto, and Depeche Mode.  The rest of our plans evolved too. The ostriches needed room, so we added a 20 acre property.   The drum lessons shifted into a complementary degree in music.  The trip to Russia transitioned into a cruise around the world times five.

It was enlightening.  We imagined our readers prancing with our choice of music, oh-so-pleased with life — and free from all woes.  A degree reading “Doctor of Music” hung on the wall.  The ostriches watched in the background.  Souvenirs from Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and France sat on the mantle.  All woes, eradicated.  As a society, we’d even learned to communicate with dolphins. The universe was in harmony.  Mankind had found meaning.  It might have been wacky, but it was wonderful!

That didn’t happen.  The “open a book and hear music” idea was abandoned when the authors couldn’t agree on the songs.  The drum lessons drove the neighbors crazy.  The ostriches grew up and started kicking people.  The trip to Russia bottomed out our budget.  And we had no budget to start with.  (Already from the beginning we forgot that detail.)

So that’s why we have no ostriches.  We have no music, drum lessons, trips to Russia, or cruises around the world either.

The remedy is simple enough.  Dear reader, please choose a great set of songs for your website-reading adventures, and imagine they’re from us.  Make sure it’s something vivid and stagey, something that makes you want to dance.  Or sway a little.  Then play it often and enjoy.

As for the drum lessons, autographed picture of Marilyn Monroe, degrees, world trips, and ostriches… if you do get any of these, we wouldn’t mind taking credit for them.  Especially the ostriches.  Ostriches are cool.

Thank you.

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