You want to know about us? Who we are?

It’s taken years of self-analysis.  We’ve talked to the professors.  We’ve talked to the philosophers and priests.  We’ve talked to the wise and homeless.  We’ve climbed great mountains looking for the gods themselves.  We’ve chased our own tails.  We’ve even tried levitating.  And finally we’ve found an answer.  We have nothing to do with ourselves.  We’re all about you.  If you’re up to it, send us a picture, any picture,* and we’ll include it below.

Who we are
Scrat, from the Ice Age
Dr. Patch Adams
Photo by fotografierende, photo of woman in black
Pet store, the Far Side
Lucy the doctor is in
Monty Python and the Flying Circus
Morpheus, Dream - Gaiman's Sandman
Inoperable man
Fancy chickens
Stephen King, I love books
Gandhi - quotation
Police line do not cross

*Okay, we might not include illegal, offensive, or scandalous stuff.